T. L. Williams
(Artist, Actor, Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Pop Icon.)  
Ever wondered what would happen when you take a producer’s epic arrangements, a singer’s distinct vocal presence, and a songwriters’ graphic storytelling ability? You may get something to the tune of Suburban Chicago Native T. L. Williams.
Destined for stardom since the tender age of 4, the Chicago native's determined spirit first materialized all before he hit college. While performing in high school state bands, and receiving a music scholarship to the University of Illinois, he soon started writing music after high school. Impressed with the onslaught of ability (T. L. plays piano, trumpet, bass, guitar, & organ), Wil’Da Records CEO Jerry Williams decided to enlist T. L. as an in-house musician of the budding label where he learned the ins and outs of recording music. "That was when I really started to take music seriously," he says. “Even then I had no idea that the songs inside of me were there.”
“Some people brag about doing something, and then they have the burden of proof. I would much rather do it without talk and then you see the results yourself”. True to his words, he quietly began crafting his own vault of songs. While slowly becoming one of the strongest studio presences out there, T. L. eventually came across the idea of putting together his own projects. The very first result was an independent jazz project entitled The Talented Mr. Williams. “I was excited. While I steadily continued to build my archive as a musician and producer, Deep down I always dreamed about my impact as an artist. That archive has grown to over 12 albums of R&B/Soul material for T. L. alone, not to mention countless hits waiting for everyone else.  
That illustrious group of material will begin with the upcoming first installment “Rough Around The Edges”. The album is a collection of different social situations laced with Williams’ introspective point of view.
The highly anticipated debut features his introspective songwriting skills, the genre-bending production, and T. L.'s tastefully distinctive voice. "I want the songs to stay in your head," he adds, "So I try to match the story with a hook that is hard to forget; like the everyman feel of ‘Right Here’ for example. I want to sound like I was talking directly to you on that track—straightforward, approachable, and old school. I'm real particular about emotions. I don’t want people to walk away from my album just saying, 'that was nice.' I want it extremely difficult to try to walk away from it at all"
Along with its universally appealing pop offerings (infectious hooks are plenty) the arrangements are refreshing in how many layers there are to listen to. Lush piano and organ join a menacing drum pattern in the lead-off track "Rise Again" while T. L. anchors it all with a his signature voice. From the Cinema-ready simplicity of "Faithfully" ("I’m always inspired by the sound I hear in movies.") to how it all comes together in the tear-jerking "Leave Without A Fight." People’s real life experiences are what drive T. L.’s lyrics. These situations are also uniquely displayed in ‘Spread My Wings’. ‘Spread My Wings’ focuses on a man who realizes that the only reason his lady is still with him is because she doesn’t want to see him happy somewhere else. This is the beginning in a man’s epic battle for the one thing people take lightly…respect.
“Rough Around The Edges” is the first in T. L. Williams’ gospel of individuality. “You will be surprised how many things you get right the first time when you pay attention to detail” states Williams. “Life is very clear-cut and simple when you are honest with yourself. How many people can say they are honest with themselves 100% of the time?” For T. L., its sincerity, musicality, and sense of legend that he hopes you get from him the most.